Papiniidu Carwash

Probably the best carwash in Pärnu!

All removable exterior parts need to be removed. (radio antenna etc)

The vehicles doors, fueling lid and boot need to be closed.

  • When the door opens drive slowly and straight between the guides on the floor.
  • Stop when the light turns red.
  • Turn off the engine
  • Apply the parking brake
  • Do not exit the vehicle
  • When the program has finished the light will turn green and the door will open
  • Drive straight and slowly out of the car wash.

OÜ Sarrus Sisustus is not liable for :

Damaged wheels, rims and exterior details which extend beyond the vehicles body profile  (spoiler, car antenna, added headlights etc) The opening of any doors, boot or fueling lid of the vehicle during the washing program. 

Maximal dimensions of the vehicle: Height 2,4 m, width 2,3 m and length 5,8 m.